How to win at Netent games.

Netent is an amazing online casino game provider that has been in existence for the past two decades. They have contributed immensely to the gaming world and their games can be found in several online casinos. Although casino games are based on luck, you can use some basic strategies to improve your chances of winning. However, there is no guaranteed way of winning at Netent games. If this were true, no online casino will still be in existence as they would have gone bankrupt. In this article, we will go through how to win at Netent online casino games. You can check out to learn more.

Using basic strategies

For every game, there are specific playing strategies that applies to them. These strategies were developed based on several observations and patterns of play. Let us consider blackjack. This is a game that involves getting a hand that is higher than that of the dealer but less than 22. This is pretty straight forward however, the interesting part is the randomness of the deck. It is generally advised to stand at hard 18 or more. In this case, you have a higher chance of going but than winning the round. To learn more, you can check out oxygenriders .

Also, when you have a pair of 10, you should consider doubling your bet. A pair of 10 is equivalent to 20 and in this case, the dealer have a very slim chance of beating your hand. By doubling your bet, you increase, your return for that round. When you have a blackjack, you will be offered insurance in most cases, it is advised to reject this in most cases. As this will reduce your ability to leverage on the blackjack. Also, you should split every pair of 8. This hand is weak and has a high chance of busting.


Online betting systems

There are different betting systems that you will come across. These betting systems do not depend on the gameplay. They only focus on the type of bet and how you should place them. One of the popular types is the Fibonacci betting system. This betting system is based on the popular mathematical sequence with the same name. The idea is to multiply your previous bet with the next number in the Fibonacci sequence. This should be repeated until you hit a win, then you can revert back to your initial bet. Other betting strategies you can use include

  • Martingale betting strategy
  • D'Alembert betting strategy

The Martingale betting strategy is a lot like the Fibonacci betting strategy. However, the martingale betting strategy requires that you double your bet for every round you lose. You must continue to double the bet until you hit a win. In this case, you revert your bet back to the initial bet. For this bet to be effective, you have to choose a table that has the lowest minimum bet and the highest maximum bet. This way, you can go for more rounds. The downside to this strategy is when you have a long losing streak which can wipe out your bankroll.

D'Alembert betting strategy

This strategy is quite simple and it involves a simple addition and subtraction. This is a good strategy for players that have a limited bankroll. It is also good for games that have low maximum bet limit. The idea is to increase your bet by a unit every time you lose a bet and decrease your bet by a unit when you win a bet. The value of the unit can vary but as soon as you start the round it cannot change. For example, if you set a unit to $5, you must continue to use the $5 until you stop playing.